B’fhéidir anseo tá mé saor in aisce.

B’fhéidir anseo tá mé saor in aisce.

(A study in the possibility of the sensations of home)

Beatrice jarvis 6.jpg

I lie under the blanket of the forest

I lie in the shield of heather as a ram inspects my feet

I am here

I walk up the steep bank carrying my wares

Handmade twine as treasure

My House

 I build

My body

A Shelter

I will rise with the sun and

Fall between the stream and gorse

Perhaps here I am free.

“As we become a more transient society, we tend to define home by the accumulation of possessions as much as by place.” (Busch: Geography of Home)

Can performance / walking / ritual and entering a dialog with landscape through conscious body awareness become a platform for deconstructive ecopsychology.

As part of Language, Landscape and the Sublime conference I will be hosting a workshop exploring notions of home as personal and spatial embodied methodology.

This workshop has been developed from an experience I had in Poland submerged deep in the forest, attempting to become a part of the forest, attempting to find home.

In this short workshop we shall explore a sample of practice based methodologies to explore notions of home as different internal and external states in relation to landscape; using the concept of home a means to explore how we relate to social and ecological concerns within our environmental frames of reference.

For full details of the symposium please see here:

The füll workshop document can be read below

‘ We are the mirror.

as well as the face in it.
We are tasting the taste this minute
of eternity. We are the pain
and what causes pain, both. We are the sweet cold water
and the jar that pours. (Rumi)’

As Stoller indicates; ‘ To accept sensuousness in scholarship is to eject the conceit of control in which the mind and the body, self and other are considered separate.’ This research takes to it core the symbiosis of the connection of mind and body as the ecology of self and place, forming a cohesive site of collaboration between the two. The body is mirror to all experience, each motion and breath an archive to the experience of the living being.

‘The epidermis of the skin is ecologically like a pond’s surface or a forest soil, not a shell so much as a delicate interpenetration. It reveals the self as ennobled and extended, as part of the landscape and the ecosystem.’

Beatrice jarvis 11
Image by Dana Macpherson. Living Collective in Residency at Burdag Studios. Poland. 2015

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