comhrá idir neamhláithreachta agus raithneach


comhrá idir neamhláithreachta agus raithneach
scannán ag Beatrice Jarvis
Ceol le Marek Iwaszkiewicz
Éire Iúil 2015


a conversation between absence and fern.
how to make present such absence
perhaps I have left myself in the heather
shot down by a quivering blue
I fall into an abyss



rising with each wave
hère I shall remain
departed with the cloud
light driving darkness
before it spilt itself properly into the corners

I am broken into separate pieces
I am no longer one
in this silence it seems as though
no leaf would fall
no bird would ever fly
oppose ourselves


to this illimitable chaos
this formless imbecility
the still mood

this disembodied mode
is upon us
we must
enjoy this momentary isolation
let us stay
for a moment
simply here




~ by beatricejarvis on July 23, 2015.

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