comhrá a idir an an péarla ‘agus an oisrí

ag siúl ó Malin go cúig snáithe finger.

Iúil 2015.

Scannán ag: Beatrice Jarvis

Ceol le Evgeny Grinko: Faulkner’s Sleep (D-Moll)


the pearl did not ask the limpet

his name

they sat

watching mussels

absorb the ocean

the sea


as the waves

took hold

thrashing a fury

a playful glee

taken down

risen with the sky

the sun and the blanket

could have

no silence

between the stars

wave  2





perhaps the sun and moon
will dance
and the stars
will not ask
the end
only to breathe
someone else’s house
depart the road to the weather station
to see the clouds chase blue
soup and stares
synthetic vegetable
what will I become?
dreaming of potatoes.

the dawn ochre
green urchin
the day walks
a squashed sandwich
to dance the sun down
gannets shearwaters auks
the shipping news
heralds the rains
nothing remains
untouched by water.


perhaps this is all the waves will ask.


~ by beatricejarvis on July 21, 2015.

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