études en bleu


études en bleu is an on going collaboration I am making with the colour Blue.

Working with landscape, improvisation, body and mind, I am studying through movement what the colour Blue might mean to me.


bleu nu | Dans le sillage du printemps
For no one really knows what a colour is
where it is
whether it is.
{ can it die, does it have a heart }
What if I told you I had fallen in love with a colour?
I shall speak this as a confession.
A spell I have fought to stay under and fought to get from under
in turns.
But what kind of love really is it?
Do not fool yourself and call it sublimity.
I am to be not a student of longing, but of light.
dans la mémoire
dans l’espérance

bleu neu [ étude ii ]

l’échec de langauge.
une complainte de mots
les mots partent et la scène est laissé à nu.
le cœur bat.
les supports de souffle.
I continue to fool myself with the affects of language.
The word.
The empty white paper.
for me.
yet I cannot enter the space it lays bare.
The words are left cold.
Alone on the page.

bleu neu [ étude iii ]
– mais que faire si la pluie se dissout tous les mots –
Music by:
Dakota Suite & Emanuele Errante – The North Green Down – A Worn Out Life (With Cello) – (lidar productions)

Perhaps all words will be dissolved by the rain.
How cold the fingers in the snow.
How cold the heart.
The words are falling and melting, fleeting as the snow.
The wind wishes to take them all away.
She can no longer say no.
How quickly the words take to the wind. Flight and abandon.
She sits nursing the empty white pages where the words used to play.

la page est laissée vide.
Mais que faire si il ne existe qu’un seul mot.
Le papier se envole dans le vent.

bleu nue
(Exploration iiii)
Music: 1. Nadia Sirota: Etudes I ( Composed by Nico Muhly)
2. Dakota Suite: Very Early One Morning On Old Road

i take a book for a walk
i imagine it may say a word to me
it says nothing
no words
it watches me
the pages stare.
the words race then to the sky
leaving me quite alone.
between the spaces the words leave
there can be silence
as the words take to the wind

‘ The old man closed his eyes
and held his gift close to his heart,
” I have danced in the dream world
and danced in the dead world.
My past is now my present
which is now my future.
I am an old man
and I am a life time
of childrens songs.
I am gone.
There is no time in space
only movement and silence
and cold.
The universe rolls..
a great surging tide
of enormous size.
You will become
a white ball of light
forever, within the
boundaries of the freedom of silence. ‘
( M. Robinson)
The words are still in the wind
I will see if my net can catch
even one
so i might hold it in
my hand.

bleu nue [ étude v ]
Music: The Tumbled Sea: Melody III

The hawk and the fish.
the water and the words.
The body and the earth
sun and the mud under my fingernails
Perhaps you are here.
Perhaps you are hiding in the trees.

perhaps all the words which I lost are hiding the trees.
the river takes all the words away.
the sun’s glare take all their sadness
the words are seeking a peace
that the trees conceal.

In memory 6 | 2 | 14

bleu nue
étude vi
Music: { recordings of piano experiments for children ballet lessons 2010 }

peut-être la terre chante les paroles.
peut-être les mots sont de plus en plus que les cultures.
peut-être les mots se cachent dans la boue de mes ongles.
Le ciel est bleu
mais je ne vois que rouge
mes yeux sont ouverts
les mots sont tous fermés
la lumière et l’espoir de mots écarte.
noir remplace à la fois bleu et rouge

bleu nue [ étudier vii ]
Music: Max Richter, Daniel Hope, Konzerthaus Kammerorchester Berlin & Andre de Ridder
Recomposed by Max Richter: Vivaldi, The Four Seasons: Spring 1

Perhaps it is when we stop
to search
and seek
no thing
no ending
and no begining
to stand
thinking of orange
bathed in naked blue
to seek to write the sky
à la recherche sans fin d’un bleu nue
écrit la couleur du ciel




The search for blue
the love of blue.

The hope of blue.


~ by beatricejarvis on June 9, 2015.

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