staidéir i flóra


the language of flowers

there can be so stillness . 

and when then does the stone turn to water?


walk on and on. 

through and through. 

the cow laughs at the waters edge.

How does the grass sing? 

The crow narrates the ocean.


What time is it?

The rock laughs.

Herald the owls.

night potion, a parrot and a tea cup.

smashed vases and broken flowers.

he loves me. he loves me not

the forget me not dies. 

There is no language which can be spoken to describe this feeling. 



Labhras silíní  Laurel, Cherry  Prunus laurocerasus
Laíon na trá  Sea Beet  Beta vulgaris ssp. maritima
Leadán úcaire  Teasel, Wild  Dipsacus fullonum
Leadán úcaire beag   Teasel, Small  Dipsacus pilosus
Leaithín  Avens, Mountain  Dryas octopetala
Leith uisce  Butterwort, Large-flowered  Pinguicula grandiflora
Leith uisce beag  Butterwort, Pale  Pinguicula lusitanica
Leitís bhalla  Lettuce, Wall  Mycelis muralis
Lile Fhíonáin  Lily, Kerry  Simethis mattiazzii
Líon beag  Flax, Pale  Linum bienne
Lochall  Brooklime  Veronica beccabunga
Luachair dhearg  Flowering-rush  Butomus umbellatus
Luibh bhléine  Aster, Sea  Aster tripolium
Luibh na bhfear gonta  Bedstraw, Heath  Galium saxatile
Luibh na seacht ngábh  Wall-rue  Asplenium ruta-muraria
Lus an bhainne  Milkwort, Common  Polygala vulgaris
Lus an bhalla  Wallflower  Erysimum cheiri
Lus an dá phingin  Creeping-jenny  Lysimachia nummularia
Lus an easpaig  Ground-elder  Aegopodium podagraria
Lus an Ghaill  Sea-purslane  Atriplex portulacoides
Lus an ghiolla  Lousewort  Pedicularis sylvatica
Lus an óir  Mustard, Hedge  Sisymbrium officinale
Lus an sparáin  Shepherd’s-purse  Capsella bursa-pastoris
Lus an treacha  Speedwell, Thyme-leaved  Veronica serpyllifolia
Lus an tsagairt  Cow-wheat, Common  Melampyrum pratense
Lus an tsailte  Sea-milkwort  Glaux maritima
Lus an uille  Burnet, Salad  Sanguisorba minor
Lus Bealtaine  Mayweed Sea  Tripleurospermum maritimum
Lus beatha  Betony  Betonica officinalis
Lus braonach  Dropwort  Filipendula vulgaris
Lus buí Bealtaine  Marsh-marigold  Caltha palustris
Lus buí na ndreancaidí  Fleabane, Common  Pulicaria dysenterica
Lus Cholm Cille  Pimpernel, Yellow  Lysimachia nemorum
Lus corráin  Sneezewort  Achillea ptarmica
Lus cré  Speedwell, Heath  Veronica officinalis
Lus cré balla  Speedwell, Wall  Veronica arvensis
Lus cre coille  Speedwell, Wood  Veronica montana
Lus cré corraigh  Speedwell, Marsh  Veronica scutellata
Lus cré eidhneach  Speedwell, Ivy-leaved  Veronica hederifolia
Lus cré garraí  Field-speedwell, Common  Veronica persica
Lus cré léana  Field-speedwell, Green  Veronica agrestis
Lus cré réileán  Speedwell, Slender  Veronica filiformis
Lus cré talún  Speedwell, Germander  Veronica chamaedrys
Lus croí  Pansy, Field  Viola arvensis
Lus cúran min   Hawk’s-beard, Smooth  Crepis capillaris
Lus deartán  Feverfew  Tanacetum parthenium
Lus garbh na ndreancaidí  Fleabane, Bilbao  Conyza floribunda
Lus gloine buan  Glasswort, Perennial  Sarcocornia perennis
Lus gorm na ndreancaidí  Fleabane, Blue  Erigeron acer
Lus liath aille  Sea-lavender, Rock  Limonium binervosum
Lus liath na Boirne  Sea-lavender, Western  Limonium recurvum ssp. pseudotranswallianum
Lus liath na mara  Sea-lavender, Lax-flowered  Limonium humile
Lus mhic rí  Thyme, Basil  Clinopodium acinos
Lus míonla buí  Forget-me-not, Changing  Myosotis discolor
Lus míonla goirt  Forget-me-not, Field  Myosotis arvensis
Lus moileas  Woodruff  Galium odoratum
Lus mór  Foxglove  Digitalis purpurea
Lus na bhfaithní  Spurge, Sun  Euphorbia helioscopia
Lus na gaoithe  Anemone, Wood  Anemone nemorosa
Lus na gealaí  Honesty  Lunaria annua
Lus na gloine  Glassworts  Salicornia agg.
Lus na haincise  Squinancywort  Asperula cynanchica
Lus na hiothlann  Pineappleweed  Matricaria discoidea
Lus na holla  Pirri-pirri-bur  Acaena novae-zelandiae
Lus na Maighdine Muire  St John’s-wort, Perforate Hypericum perforatum
Lus na mban sí  Flax, Fairy  Linum catharticum
Lus na meall Muire  Mallow Common  Malva sylvestris
Lus na móinte  Bog-rosemary  Andromeda polifolia
Lus na ndeor  Mind-your-own-business  Soleirolia soleirolii
Lus na pingine  Pennywort Marsh  Hydrocotyle vulgaris
Lus na pléisce  Balsam, Indian  Impatiens glandulifera
Lus na seilge  Spleenwort, Maidenhair  Asplenium trichomanes
Lus na teanga  Adder’s Tongue  Ophioglossum vulgatum
Lus na tine  Willowherb, Rosebay  Chamerion angustifolium
Lus na Tríonóide  Willowherb, Great  Epilobium hirsutum
Lus nathrach  Viper’s-bugloss  Echium vulgare
Lus síoda  Ragged-Robin  Silene flos-cuculi
Lus súgach   Asparagus, Wild  Asparagus prostratus
Lus taghla  Orchid, Fragrant  Gymnadenia conopsea
Lus taghla na móna  Orchid, Heath Fragrant  Gymnadenia borealis
Lusrán grándubh  Alexanders  Smyrnium olusatrum
Dont carry all the rocks in your pockets.
The fish eats a waves and spits it out.
the rain comes
the mist alludes some secrecy 
the cows walk on.
the scene is left cold. 
 and oh and oh.
he sings as we walk .
the stick, the horse, the carrot.
 lament lament 
the summer waves.
 How the ferns will turn gold to rot.
How the thistle will loose its thorns. 
The language is fading with the sun.
lay your head down
the girl lays 
perhaps the rain will wash her away.
dont fight time
it will win
and there is no prize. 




taiscéalaíocht na Boirne. October 2014.
Le bhuíochas sin do Deirdre, Aonghus, and Seamus





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