Summary of Practice

The body in each city, as context, container, form and identity.
Shapes and forms, reflects and details the experience of its cells.
Tired in its grace through streets of reconstructed glory.
Silent in parts, through places which no longer have street names.
This is the tale of a body, in the city.
Walking, endless walking to notate the scenes experiences on the page, with camera, with form.
Searching for the punctum of which the city curates with endless arrivals and departures.
The walls contain our histories, silently urging recognition of their forms.
The pavements are engraved with bitter laments and autobiographical artefacts.
These feet consume the spectacles they confront, offering in exchange a delicate vocabulary of repetition, observation, notation, exaggeration, exhaustion and enlivened activities in a hope to re-present the experiences which have been granted.
To pass through everyday life as body, lungs consuming air, cells receiving data and dirt, eyes receiving such nuance which the hands seek to embody.
This is a practice of trial and error, of navigation, of form which perhaps can create an understanding of the complexities which urban navigation provokes and inspires.
The body is tool, vessel, container and site for such experiences. The imagination allows such a tool to communicate musing footsteps create.

Such a practice is fragile, subjective and innately personal. The body, the mind form a quiet symphony of reflection. The sites, the places, the locations are a research loci, seeking a communication between my presence of observation and their presence and acceptance or resistance to such observation.

( all images subject to Copyright and remain the property of Beatrice Jarvis © )

~ by beatricejarvis on June 19, 2011.

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  1. Coool blog, interesting imagery!

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