The traces we leave and hope may linger.

‎”but Beatrice all that happens is a dance and a story”

Performance is a battle ground; to express, to hope what you may express may be understood and then to collect evidence of your explorations to create proof something was seen and communicated.

So much has the potential to be lost.

There exists worlds which I attempt to create; fleeting glimpses for momentary encounter, worlds which are subjective and dependant on the interpretation for those who encounter their quiet arrivals and departures.

“what happened there then”

The scene is left cold. the memory as we like created in our own silences on the bus rides home; but the body of the performer remembers; repeats in fleeting reigns phrases of it grace.

Can we chose entirely our own perspectives hence what does this imply for our existence, a confusion of ideology and flux of new comings

We have no notion of what anybody means, ‘you don’t understand ‘eg, there is no direct representation in another’s vocabulary, no re presentation in another’s mind, it becomes something new and different. It is not absolutely possible to understand anything. There can be no automatic exchange of objective information. Other than maths

Objectivity is brutal. It is a closure in many ways. It becomes often simple. The process by which the city and the experience which it may manifest within the body becomes a performance mechanism to convey the realities of the urban encounter.

so what then is such documentation other than another subjective fragment.

~ by beatricejarvis on November 20, 2010.

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