leaving location

The scene can be simple

Take a walk

Any walk

Leave your location and walk to another

With no purpose than to arrive to another.

Walking with no agenda other than to notice your environment and to arrive at another destination.

With each step to arrive with a motion of progress and to arrive with thought to another

To reveal momentarily in the void; the space yet to be filled by a sentiment.

The body held in space; in a space to imagine freedom from constraint briefly.

With no force to consume / consider / decide or revoke; the body exists in its living breathing form; touched by wind, by snow, by ice, it can stand. Breathing slowly the air which it needs to continue to stand.

The body can be seen from a far; still, motionless and violently swayed by the wrath of turbulence which sees the air part softly from murmuring lips.

In a cataclysm of events; in a siege of uncertainty; the body can be still. Holding with elegiac grace the knowledge of action; yet still in the quest for a future of lament.

Is that the wind?

Murmur soft embrace with the temperament of the knowledge of a body which in the moment of such perception could exist with no politics, no necessity and no need to move.

Such station cannot be held. The need to continue, to build, to consume, to move from one place to another, to exist in society in the fashion which they chose.

to consider briefly the body as non apparatus, to perceive the body in its heaving mounds of flesh as a non entity. The body which can be removed from society to exist in such void to necessitate a call to pause which holds in suspense the complex cycles of reality which we notate in order to form some impression of the sociology of our everyday lives.

To remove the body from the contract of social interaction or withdrawal; to subjectively facilitate the suspense of disbelief.

Like barnacle to boat, the ship wreck rests.

to shop, to eat, to pay tax, to clean the floor, to read, to write, to try to understand; to catch the body mid flow in a finite cycle of repetition and to enforce some sentiment of reflection of purpose; before the next train will depart; labouring heavy over the tracks designed for maximum speed and efficiency to lead us to somewhere else.

Our becoming ends in depletion; scattered fragments of conversation and dog eared note books are what we leave in attempt to construct legacy.

To return to the next destination

the woman is in white.
she reappears again
the same as now
her palace is this shed
did she used to be the queen

she cannot remember to forget.
she used to smile
then the muscles disintegrated
with the floor
she used to love

then the heart left
now she is a walking frame
the things one chooses to look from
she used to dance
elegance in her fingers
now sprout green

~ by beatricejarvis on May 28, 2010.

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