A lost narrative: New performance work

A lost narrative

A site specific performance installation by Beatrice Jarvis

Winter Dance Gathering

 December 4th 2009 Dartington College of Arts

 A space of peace. The city for lost dreams desires and fears. A movement of solace and empathy for the lost ideals. Whispers, echoes, the imprinted memory in my camera of a thousand forgotten footsteps, a candle burns bright in homage to a fallen utopia, a wasteland as playground for the disaffected.

This piece will explore the emotional and architectural aspects of performance space in a practical and ideological form, seeking to reflect the death of a part of the human soul in a era of hyper modernity. The total narrative of urban structure a seeking to form an understanding through constructions of multiple narratives of the interpretation of complex infrastructures.

This is an exercise of documentation of human experience of urban form to generate a softness through choreographic semiotic that strives to overcome the complexities of the comprehension of daily life. An investigation of the affects of architecture of on the individual. Cities which are constructed and deconstructed through myth and reality that defies cartographic navigation and seeks instead a creative expression of sympathy to overcome such monumental questioning of the nature of being.

This is the first piece of work I have made from a specifically sociological theoretics perspective and its a venture into a new realm of performance interdisciplinary genre within site specific spaces.
I would like to invite an open critique of work and will be making a video presentation of my work as a source of open debate and research stimulus to which I have asked a few to attend.
I am aware Devon is far for many; so I see this an exercise of performance making documentation, how to translate work through conversation to over come geographic boundaries to allow greater open access for artistic collaborative opportunity.
I am keen to use this new work as spring board for a new creative conversations network I aim to start this month; a series of small events/ collaborations and conversations held between arts professionals and emergent artists as to the nature of the future of the arts for young emergent artists; a platform for dialogue and discussion; for which I would like this new work be subject and stimulus. 

For further information please mail urbanresearchforum@googlemail.com

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