curation of a city


To curate a city?

To narrate an experience of a city; each footstep a perception of a realm that is not the over stated.

The city is an institution; one which we can impress upon our dreams and constructs of realities that defy an initial intention,

The city as a curation; an exhibition of the oblique everyday…

A mode of perception

What allows us to see the city as exhibit? Or as routine? As function?

This city is a gallery; this city is a shell. The white walls now thick with the layers of age and the fresh paint a mere memory.


This city is a show ground.

does that rubbish bin have to be seen? can the streets be cleaner? lets draw on all the walls, sleep here. lets make signs..

the chorus of voices I can hear, forming the shapes of the city, allowing it to tak another shape, watch the city taking shape..


show room


~ by beatricejarvis on November 15, 2009.

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