a thought that denies nostalgia

a homage. to a city that falls. and rises.


The city as an emblem for our desires, the whispers of a fallen desire to become something that this city cannot permit, the shouts of exaltation and passion when the city fits the identity that you wish it to assume. What does It mean to dream in London, how does the city act as canvas for dreams.


Fields of the city that can be rambled through, as pastures of a forgotten dream scape, those who see the city through such sad eyes,, though who murmur  quietly in their sleep of dreams unfilled.

homage (2)

a thought that denies nostalgia; seeking to reinvent memories of hope and motivations; a religion of progress and a stride that evades classification or definition beyond the confines of worship. To pay homage is respect or reverence paid or rendered. Homage was essentially the acknowledgment of the bond of tenure that exists between self and an article. Homage is a personal expression of sentiment beyond the totality of verbal expression; navigated and contrasted through the varying impacts on the psyche of the urban form

homage (3)


The everyday is a thousand stories that collide; the personal realities and inter-realities which amount to the sum we call daily life. To chose a focus for a critical engagement one must first define the terms of the nature of the engagement.

homage (4)

The city that murmurs as to a new age; a vision that rests in the architect’s office of an inbuilt future of no certain intent.

The trend to walk the city knows no relent through the ages of urban progress; but how can the urban society become a language and what form will the language

homage (5)

A space of peace. The city for dreams desires and fears. A movement of solace and empathy for the lost ideals.

~ by beatricejarvis on October 30, 2009.

3 Responses to “a thought that denies nostalgia”

  1. awessome pics

  2. this is really cool.

  3. Beautifully written

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