an interruption or temporary suspension of progress or movement;

imagine a blank map

what happens when the place ballet reaches


all place is suspended into pause and existence pauses to allow your imgaination a short solo role of construction and new cartography

Brief sight lines of momentary pause
as stillness echoes in loud unruly haunts.

the mind can re name the streets

the architects dream city quicky forms

the planners new routes shape

the train driver re routes the country

this could be our place?

my place? your place? their place?

a place?

A feeling that resounds through memory of movement.

what has been here? which body has lingered there under the street lamp and leaves a scent of misery? what foot steps went unheard over the leaking drain? what route did the rag and bone cart trail another heavy load? city of memory, imprints of old maps, left untouched by the destruction of time in the archival eye

The blossom of a polluted tree that shines in drab street glow
a warm hand that holds me close through self protection as we march.

i want to taste memory and hold it close

a hand that has travelled across seas to be held lightly without crushing. he passed an angel whispers, brushing a metal cheek.

a moment.

A moment where attachment to place is won over to person.
city flux that cannot grasp tight.

there can be no stillness.

a pause of a walk of calm to a sitauation where too much of the city has already been written and over written; Walter Benjamin asks; ‘ who amogst us has not dreamt? ‘ we can drift this constructed maze letting out minds float to distant lands and imagined realms; a camera forms a tool kit of selected parts, allowing us to notate out personal geographies; the essence of a handcrafted utopia lies in a pause.

 a pause stood listening to an uproar
City flux performance; June 08.

**All images and text subject to copyright**

~ by beatricejarvis on July 19, 2009.

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