The creative city can not be constructed

The city is a malleable form, just as the body can be trained to dance, the city can be shaped to suit a form which we wish it to take. But wishes do not always come true. A map can show a city, its form, the paths, routes we might take, how the city is constructed can be entirely constructed by architects and planners, how the city is then used is an uncontrollable labyrinth, a maze of un certainty with countless options, paths and suggestions. Just as an architect can construct a tower block, just as a planner can implement a new square, the city dweller can use these as tools, as means to construct their own dreams, paths and realities. The city is a living breathing organism which we can tred to form any identity we dare to imprint, an imprint that perhaps will not see seen or acknowledged by the person we walk beside. The city and the imagination, an impossible game of chess. The creative city can not be constructed, the perfect city does not exist, in a fight of on interactions and crossing paths, the city takes a form which no one can predict or forge. The city cannot be too heavily predicted; suggestions are illusions and often remain in the planners plan book.

Le Corbusier meets Elephant and Castle; the La Ville radieuse?

~ by beatricejarvis on July 5, 2009.

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