a mirage of uncertain fragments.

When there was a storm,  the air clarified, a calm sensor to a raging uncertinity that stormed the night air.

a soft layer forms, yeilding and tempting to a suit of armour

To take for a walk beside a landscape which is unknown.

To encroach an uncertain foreign realm, a land that takes you by the hand and asks you to lead it slowly for it has no shoes

Alice in the country of marvels fell into a hole, it belonged to the world of delightful malcontent which she alerted in the absurdity of daily life.

To walk the world with a camera, as a duty, as an insurance, as an understanding of reality.

the swarming masses invade this labyrinth and it is powerless to resist

these streets are foreign, each arrival a new departure

each begining an end a start

the firing piston ran out of bullets, so they sat and the race continued in circles.

this place is a non space, a transistory stage, a platform for the disaffected, who walks these paths with leaden eyes? a memory of stillness on a bridge.

a solace to memory, a leyline to the forgotten.

a train leaves and the symphony continues.


un moment de reflet sur une baie calme de l’imagination

Se pour promener par un paysage qui est doux et inconnu.

Une forêt. un calme. un voyage. un appareil photo. un contenu. une forme.

Cherche la forme et remoule alors.

~ by beatricejarvis on June 19, 2009.

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