Asylum road

Asylum road

walk me home

walk me home

 I walked down asylum row at two a.m.

It was cold and I was not quote sure where it led to

On the corner there is a closed pub with signs informed us how we are the only people who can change the financial crisis in Britain

 I am not quiet sure who we are and we can change this

I woke at a seven to hear from the small radio I found in the street that Britain has over quarter of a million people now unemployed


It is easy to breed crisis


A man sneezed on the train. “He must have swine flu” a woman moaned in certainty and the London paper assured her she was right


Madness and insanity are innate perhaps


To wonder what the city breeds can be fatal


Best not to ponder


I walked to the end of asylum row past asylum tavern, past the mother of all tyres, past pay less then turned round and walked home


A man chased me on the way and I ran faster


This city can be strange


This city can be beautiful


Moments of calm rational perspective that persuade me not to linger over such paths of insanity

~ by beatricejarvis on May 13, 2009.

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