The city walks through the mind

utopia puzzel minus two

minus two

Personal geographies
Intricate maps
Maps of the un imagination
Willingness to go beyond the boundaries of traditional cartography, then fall down lost in new revealed forms
Maps that guide the wanderer to new parts of old place, the familiar lost and reformed
Maps that guide the traveller past the terminus of success, to places that reek of uncertainty and lays in tatters as they fall and riser again and again
mapless the weary hiker signs in for a new journey
there can be a home here on the most silent of nights
there can be rest

there can be stillness

i found a pair of shoes hanging begging to take a new path through this old city

i found a travellers blank notebook

an endless trail of physical geography, cultural attractions, buildings, institutes, individuals and ones own memories

I watched them take a map and struggle with contradictions
The best map will be blank
Awaiting soft imprint
No dank melancholy

one of the charms of a map is that it can never anything near correct
it takes many points of view to see the truth
the spaces people occupy
the people which spaces consume and spit out

we are in disharmony with this land a wise old man with a can of strongbow said to me at 3 am
there are flowers through the concrete
the trees wont grow

we are re making this world each day

the silent theatres of human interaction
road maps to untold destinations

Creeping slowly, the modern approaches its destination. The space in-between spaces and the places that promote a tranquilly that goes beyond chaos.

Find my way to lose your own

This book has been my new best friend

~ by beatricejarvis on May 9, 2009.

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